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Doctor Garage is India’s leading multi-brand two-wheeler servicing network, providing high-quality, convenient, and affordable servicing for all makes and models. With over 120+ outlets nationwide, we have a strong presence in the market and are the preferred destination for two-wheeler¬†owners.

  • Proven Business Model
  • Comprehensive Training Programs
  • Ongoing Support
  • Low Investment Threshold
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Daily Income
  • Exclusive Territories
  • Strong Brand Reputation

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General Bike Services


Once a Year getting a General Bike service can provide your bike a longer life. Through General Service we can solve all minor and some major problems as a preventive measure.

Pickup and Drop Services


We provide Pickup and Drop Services from your Doorsteps. It will save your precious time that you could invest in your professional life or spend it with your loved ones.

Express Bike Services


Opt for our Express Bike Service feature and get a general service for your vehicle within hours. You Can choose the same by making just a phone call to one of our associated partner.


Mission I'm Possible

  • Signed up 120+ outlets PAN India.
  • Total 2,00,000+ vehicle services done at Doctor
    Garage’s all outlets.
  • Total 40,000+ AMC has been sold by Doctor Garage marketing team in field.
  • Target to be open 50 franchises every year.
  • Existing Outlets Successful Running
    Ratio is 90%.
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Pransu Patel
Pransu Patel
Google review
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I have taken doctor garage franchise in 18th September 2021 and till now we have generated 30% ROI just because of after sales constant support received from doctor garage team. We recommend as good business opportunity.
Narendra Amin
Narendra Amin
Google review
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Very good Excellent Service ,Good team Satisficed Serviceteam work....
hemin solanki
hemin solanki
Google review
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Excellent service... High skilled staffūüėÉ
Pransu Patel
Pransu Patel
Google review
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I have taken doctor garage franchise in 18th September 2021 and till now we have generated 30% ROI just because of after sales constant support received from doctor garage team. We recommend as good business opportunity.
dg jigarraj
dg jigarraj
Google review
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Best two wheeler franchise Company in India...
kushal desai
kushal desai
Google review
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Good service & High quality service
Google review
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Excellent service

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Low Investment Franchise Business in India

The franchise industry has garnered significant attention for valid reasons. In India, franchise businesses have experienced a growth rate of approximately 30-35% in the last four to five years, contributing between 4% to 5% to the country’s GDP. However, selecting a low investment franchise in India can be overwhelming due to the presence of over 1.7 lakh franchise owners. Despite the challenges, franchising offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to start their own business, particularly given the current economic climate marked by unemployment and financial difficulties. Below are some tips on selecting the right franchise business in India:

Check the Demand of Best Franchise Business in India

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Self-Evaluation - Best Franchise in India under 10 Lakhs

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Evaluate Industry Categories - Top Franchise in India

Review a thorough list of¬†franchise opportunities in India¬†prospects, such as the Entrepreneur Franchise 500, which is released each January. At this stage, don’t worry about specific companies and instead concentrate on industry groups or categories. Ask yourself if it looks to satisfy the desirable criteria you specified in Step 1 based on your perception of each of these segments. You will get a list of potential industrial segments at the end.

Look for Recession-Resistant Segments

Consider each sector that has¬†most profitable franchise in India¬†on your list of potential industries, and then simply ask yourself, do you feel this is a business that will continue to do well regardless of the situation of the economy. This will be the case for companies that provide damage restoration services, fast food, senior care, or hair cutting, but it might not be the case for companies that offer more pricey services or exclusive merchandise. Mark off industry sectors that you believe won’t withstand the economic slump to give yourself the best opportunity of choosing the best¬†low cost franchise in India.

Consider Business Model

There must be a consistently profitable business plan for a franchise to succeed. A successful business plan that produces long-term profits is necessary for a franchise in India with low investment, even if your one organization is performing well. Your ability to persuade franchisees that their investment is worthwhile and that you are providing them with a rewarding opportunity to operate a successful franchise is essential.

Request Preliminary Information from Franchisors

After identifying a few businesses that fit you, get in touch with them and ask for the essential profitable franchise in India. After you meet with a member of their development staff, they may give you pamphlets, films, or other materials with this information in them. Examine the preliminary data from each company to see if, in light of this new information, the company continues to seem to fit your criteria and is worthwhile for additional investigation. Your time commitment to each ongoing inquiry will substantially rise from this point on, so choose wisely.

Call Existing Franchisees

Existing¬†franchises available in India¬†will be the ideal people to ask for information about any franchise system. Ask franchisees about the company, their experiences as franchisees, and their opinions of it by getting in touch with them. This is a useful tool for assessing a franchisor’s level of assistance for its franchisees, the accuracy of its estimates of launch costs, and the potency of the marketing materials it offers. You can also search for a¬†franchise in India with low investment.

Visit the Franchisor

A trip to the¬†top franchise business in India¬†and also visit the franchisor’s corporate offices is often the next to last step if everything else is in order. This is a terrific opportunity to meet the people assisting you in starting your business and getting any last-minute questions resolved. Even though this may only seem like a formality, it is essential to check and double-check that you are entirely at ease and confident with the business you are about to engage in. A final judgment is a two-way street because they will be thoroughly examining you as possible¬†latest franchise opportunities in India¬†simultaneously.

Access your Ability

It is critical for you to evaluate your skills. You must approach this in general terms as well as precisely. You must ascertain whether your skills are a good fit for the top franchise business in India. For instance, if you think of yourself as someone who is highly organized, meticulous, and operationally minded, you should find out if the franchise idea you are researching requires those kinds of talents for maximum success. Before entering the business, you need to check franchise cost in India.

Make Sure you Analyze the Competition

After determining the market’s demand, you must ascertain the number of rival companies that are providing the same or related goods and services. If you are new to the business, you need to analyze the business which¬†franchise under 10 lakhs in India.¬†Once more, it would be wise to get in touch with current franchisees and inquire about the competition. If you decide to enter this kind of business, extensive research regarding¬†franchises under 10 lakhs¬†is necessary.