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Doctor Garage - Automobile Franchise in Nagpur

If you are a bike enthusiast or simply looking for a franchise business in Nagpur with low investment but are confused with numerous businesses offering their franchises, opt for the best franchise in Nagpur - Doctor Garage!
With multiple Doctor Garage bike service centres and proven track records, We are one of the most successful and thriving franchise Nagpur business opportunity. We are the leading multi-brand bike service franchise model, making it the perfect start to your entrepreneurial journey.
Doctor Garage offers its full-spectrum business model to individuals who are looking for low cost franchise opportunities in Nagpur. With rich industry experience and goodwill, we provide guidance, support and assistance at every step of this journey. We ensure you get a high return on investment through complete guidance, marketing and training support and management. Join India’s fast-growing multi brand two-wheller workshop automobile franchise in Nagpur and become your own boss.

market Potential in Automotive business related Franchises

Obstacles faced by the Automotive sector and Potential of franchise business in Nagpur While travelling, we often see numerous local mechanics across the street. Many people looking for bike repair and services opt to go to these local mechanics rather than authorised bike service centres just to save a penny or two, but how reliable are these mechanics? The Indian two-wheeler servicing sector is unregulated, with local mechanics offering questionable service with a lack of knowledge, skill or expertise.
So why not change this scenario and offer high-quality services at affordable prices? Doctor Garage is one of the best franchise to own in Nagpur. Our core focus is to make affordable two-wheeler services through professional, skilled and well-equipped technicians who provide a bike the best service it deserves.
Market Potential

Doctor Garage

Why choose the small franchise business in Nagpur?

With multiple franchise available in Nagpur, Doctor Garage stands out. It offers exceptional services on its broad spectrum of offerings like Doorstep pick-up and drop services, roadside assistance, express service and other services. By becoming a franchisee Nagpur partner, you become part of this revolution:
  • The best franchise in Nagpur comes with the rich goodwill that it has earned over the years, viz Doctor Garage.
  • It is a well-proven business model that assures low investment and higher profits.
  • We craft a perfect business strategy according to your geographical location to kickstart your small franchise business in Nagpur.
  • We provide support to our cherished partners at every step.
  • We offer a complete solution for branding, marketing and promotions.
  • The franchisee partner does not need to have an automotive background.
  • It is one of the most profitable franchise businesses under 10 lakhs.

Marketing is a Key Factor for Any Business

Support Services by best automobile franchise in Nagpur

We are the ultimate franchise partner in every sense, as we leave no stone unturned to ensure your two-wheeler business is successfully launched in the market and you start earning profits. Doctor Garage ensure you have a seamless business launch with a pleasant and welcoming experience in the market.
  • We help you find the best prime location for your bike repair service centre.
  • To help you understand the market, we provide webinars and seminars that help you throughout your journey.
  • We provide strong, skilled technical support through a CRM system that helps you keep track of your business.
  • To ensure smooth development, we conduct regular audits.
After Sales Support


AFTER SALES SUPPORT by automotive franchises

Doctor Garage - Two Wheeler Authorised Service Centre Franchise have designed two types of mobile application to make service & workshop operation smooth.

FRANCHISE AUTOMOBILE partner can use application for :

  • Making Job Cards
  • Issue Service Invoice
  • To track stock of available parts & oil
  • To monitor workshop Performance
  • To Collect Data Of Serviced Vehicles

Coustomer can use application for :

  • Customer use their unique ID to booking their vehicle service and they can purchase AMC without walk in to Dr Garage.
  • Customer can use their application for
  • To Book Service at nearest workshop.
  • To Purchase Annual Maintenance Contract
  • To issue new insurance policy for vehicle
  • To give feedback of vehicle service
  • To track vehicle service history


CRm Support

Dr. GARAGE is also having telecaller dept. which will help our automotive franchise Nagpur partner to measure their customer satisfaction index.
Well come call to customers on every sign up to mobile app.
Feedback calls on 3 day of service to every customer.
Service reminder calls to every customer every 3 months.
We also have a customer complaint section whose work is to resolve each and every complaint within 48 hrs.
We keep data of every customer for future references for automotive franchises partner.
CRM Support
Training Support


TRAINING - audit - monitoring

Training Support

  • Soft skill training for Staff/owner
  • Technical training for Staff/owner
  • Mobile app training for owner
  • Market/Technical upgrade training to owner
  • Dr Garage service SOP training

Audit & Monitoring

  • Frequent audit by company officer to every workshop
  • Workshop performance, Cleanliness, SOP monitoring


INVESTMENT BREAKUP of Best Automotive Related Franchises

Branding & LED Board 75,000
Equipment 3,25,000/-
Franchise Fees 1,00,000
Total Franchise Cost 7.50L + Taxes and Charges Applicable
bike repair
Stationary 50,000
After Sales Support 2,00,000/-

Become a Partner

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you are looking for franchise ideas in Nagpur, a successful bike repair service Franchise like Doctor Garage is the perfect choice. With more than 90+ service centres all over India, the numbers speak for themselves. It is the best low-investment, high-profit business in Nagpur, with assured ROI a few months after starting the business. Not just that, you get excellent support services to help you run and operate your business with ease, so if you are seeking low cost franchise opportunities in Nagpur, Doctor Garage is your ideal choice!

As a franchisee Nagpur, you will receive comprehensive support from us that includes initial training to owners and technicians, assistance with site selection, ongoing operational support, material and promotional support and access to our rich, extensive industry knowledge.

The significant advantage of the best franchise business in Nagpur is that you do not need to have prior experience in the bike service industry. All you need is passion and enthusiasm aligned with an entrepreneurial mindset. You provide an initial training program that covers the business and technical aspects that will help you successfully manage and operate your business.

The cost of a franchise varies from company to company. The cost includes initial franchise fees, equipment costs, inventory expenses, marketing costs, after-sales support and other expenses. Doctor Garage is one of the best franchise opportunities under 10 lakhs. To learn more about our franchise model, call us today!

If you opt for a franchise Nagpur business opportunity like Doctor Garage, which is dedicated to helping franchisees thrive and run a successful business with constant support and guidance, you can expect maximum ROI. With a well-planned strategy and priority to high-quality service, a bike service franchise can provide a lucrative income opportunity.