scooter with largest boot space

There are many benefits of owning a scooter over a bike. The main reason why people prefer buying a scooter over a bike is mainly due to its spacious boot space, comfort, lightweight and ease of handling. The under-seat space and practicality make scooters quite popular in India. If you are looking to carry some stuff around the city, the boot space is the perfect space to keep it. 

In this blog, we’ve curated a list of some of the best big boot space scooter available in India. So let’s get started!

Top 5 Scooter with Big Boot Space

#1 TVS Jupiter 125 - 32 Litres


TheTVS Jupiter 125 is one of the best scooter with largest boot space of 32 litres. It has a large under-seat compartment that is the largest among petrol-fuel scooters. The fuel tank is placed in the footboard, which allows to have ample boot space. In fact, two helmets can easily be placed in the foot space without any difficulty.

Specifications :
PriceRs 96,885 ( Ex. Showroom Price Pan India)
Fuel Tank Capacit5.1 Litres
Mileage50 Kmpl
Underseat Storage32 Litres

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#2 Suzuki Access 125 - 21.8 litres


The Suzuki Acess 125 is one of the most popular bikes among young riders. It is a long seat scooty with an under-seat storage of 21.8 litres. It comes with mechanical updates that comply with the upcoming new OBD2-A emission norms. It is available in 4 variants and 16 colours that you can choose from.

Specifications :
PriceRs. 82,261 (Ex. Showroom Price Pan India)
Fuel Tank Capacit5 Litres
Mileage45 Kmpl
Underseat Storage21.8 litres

#3 Honda Active - 18 litres


The Honda Activa is one of the most prominent scooters that has the longest-running badge, in its 6th generation. It is one of the best scooters with largest boot space of 18 litres. It is renowned for its floorboard and spacious under-seat space that can easily fit a helmet and other stuff. The Honda Activa is popular for its indestructive and, tough-build and low-maintenance two-wheeler in India.

Specifications :
PriceRs. 82,043 (Ex. Showroom Price Pan India)
Fuel Tank Capacit5.3 Litres
Mileage47 Kmpl
Underseat Storage18 litres

#4 Suzuki Burgman - 21 litres


The Suzuki Burgman is a maxi-scooter that comes in two variants and 13 colours. It is equipped with an LED headlamp, inclined footrests for a comfortable ride and a digital instrument console. With its rear drum brakes and front disc, it is equipped with combined braking systems for both wheels. It has an under-seat capacity of 21 litres, the same as the Suzuki Access 125. 

Specifications :
PriceRs. 96, 525 (Ex. Showroom Price Pan India)
Fuel Tank Capacit5.5 Litres
Mileage58.8 Kmpl
Underseat Storage21 litres

#5 Yamaha Aerox - 24.5 Litres


If you are looking for a performative, functional and stylish scooter, this is the perfect scooter for you. With its YZF-R15 derived engine, it develops a power of 14.75 bhp and a torque of 13.9 Nm. It comes with an apron-mounted twin pod headlight, step-up seat, split-style footboard, USB charger, 24.5-litre under-seat capacity and boy-coloured alloy wheels.

Specifications :
PriceRs. 1,48,072 (Ex. Showroom Price Pan India)
Fuel Tank Capacit5.5 Litres
Mileage40 Kmpl
Underseat Storage24.5 Litres


These are some of the best scooters with the largest foot space in India that you can consider buying in 2024. All these modern Hi-tech scooters are loaded with unique features that make it the perfect two-wheeler for Indian roads. Doctor Garage is a leading two wheeler service centre in India. Over the years, we have offered our impeccable bike services to our valued customers at the best prices. If you are looking for the latest franchise opportunities in India.

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