Top 5 Automatic Transmission Bikes in India


With technological advancements in every field, the motorbike industry is no stranger. With automatic transmission taking over, you no longer have to struggle to change gears manually. Automatic bikes have brought a wave of convenience, comfort and excitement for bike riders. If you are a seasoned bike enthusiast or a beginner, we have curated the perfect list of the best automatic transmission bikes in India that cater to the preferences of different riders.

List of Best Automatic Motorcycles in India

As the name suggests, an automatic transmission works on an automatic gear shift bike without requiring riders to manually shift gears. This has made automatic bikes a smart buy for riders looking for comfort and convenience.

Top 5 Automatic Motorcycles in India 2024-2025

#1 Honda VFR 1200F

This automatic gear bike was introduced in 2009. Its iconic V-shaped headlight and aggressive stance make it one of India’s most popular automatic bikes. The Honda VFR 1200F LED lights in the rear and the aerodynamic style of the tank make it a dream sports bike for many bike enthusiasts. Though the seating is high, it is comfortable, and its huge disc brakes offer great control over the bike.

Specifications :
PriceRs 17,00,000 (Ex. Showroom Prices)
Fuel Capacit18 litres
Engine1237 cc
Mileage8 to 17 kmpl
Transmission6 Speed Manual
Kerb Weight267 kg
Max Power125 bhp
Seat Height815 mm

#2 Honda Navi

Honda Navi

The Honda Navi is an affordable and cheap automatic motorcycle that is ideal for city environments. It is an automatic mini bike with a CVT (continuously variable transmission)  transmission system that requires no clutch and gear shifting. It is powered by a 109.2cc single-cylinder to provide excellent mileage.

Specifications :
PriceRs 44,774 (Ex. Showroom Prices)
Fuel Capacit3.8 litres
Engine109.19 cc
Mileage38 kmpl
Kerb Weight101 kg
Max Power7.72 bhp
Seat Height765 mm

#3 2022 Honda Africa Twin

2022 Honda Africa Twin

The Honda Africa Twin is a popular adventure bike. It takes the off-roading experience to the next level. With enhanced shiting and zero interruption, it allows the rider to focus on the road and enjoy a smooth ride. It comes in different variants: automatic drive, automatic sport, and manual. It is a compact bike that offers seamless navigation through complex terrain. Its dual-clutch technology and automatic transmission provide excellent performance across different landscapes.

Specifications :
PriceRs 16,01,500 (Ex. Showroom Prices)
Fuel Capacit24.5 litres
Engine1,082 cc
Mileage24 kmpl
Transmission6 Speed Manual
Kerb Weight239 kg
Max Power97.89 bhp
Seat Height810 mm

#4 Honda NCX750X

Honda NCX750X

The Honda NCX750X is the perfect automatic bike for tall riders who want to enjoy the thrills of a sports bike. It is powered by a 745cc parallel engine producing 51 hp, suitable for beginners and seasoned riders. Its DCT transmission system takes the adventure experience to the next level. It comes with drive and sports modes, which can be shifted from neutral to drive mode using the thumb-operated toggle.

Specifications :
PriceRs 17,00,000 (Ex. Showroom Prices)
Fuel Capacit14.1 litres
Transmission6 Speed Manual
Kerb Weight219kg
Max Power750rpm
Seat Height830mm

#5 Suzuki Burgman 400

Suzuki Burgman 400

If you are looking for a lightweight automatic bike for long routes, getaways and touring, the Suzuki Burgman 400 is your ideal choice. It is perfect for rides around urban areas and long distance tours. It is an affordable automatic bike that is loaded with features. Its low position seating gives riders comfort, convenience and a seamless ride.

Specifications :
PriceRs 2,31,080 (Ex. Showroom Prices)
Fuel Capacit13.5 litres
Engine400 cc
Mileage27.92 kmpl
Under-seat Storage42 litres
BrakesDual Disc
Max Power6300 rpm
Seat Height755 mm


These are some of the best bikes with automatic transmission systems. Their convenience and comfort level makes them very popular in India. This overview of top automatic transmission bikes in India can help you make an informed decision. Every bike needs proper maintenance and timely service to ensure seamless and effortless riding. Doctor Garage provides the best bike repair service in India. Our well-equipped outlets are backed by expert mechanics who are committed to providing the best service your bike deserves. Call us to book your bike service.

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