6 Things Must Be Check While Drive Honda Activa

The Honda Activa is one of the best-selling scooters in India. Over the years, it has become synonymous with quality, trust, and reliability. Its impressive features, like lightweight, spacious boot space, and budget-friendliness, make it a popular scooter on Indian roads. Over the years, Honda has introduced different designs, colours, features, and variants that have appealed to the masses. If you are planning to buy this scooter, we advise you to keep in mind the below-mentioned 6 things must be check while drive Honda Activa to ensure a smooth and safe ride. 

What Makes the Honda Activa So Popular?

The Honda Activa, since its debut in the Indian market in May 1999, has been a game-changer. Its ease of riding, fuel efficiency, ample boot space, and most importantly, its safety features, have won the hearts of many. The latest variant, the Honda Activa 6G, offers high-class performance, riding convenience, and superb mileage, ensuring your safety on the road.

6 Things Must Be Check While Drive Honda Activa

The Honda Activa is the perfect scooter to commute on busy Indian roads. To maintain optimal performance, below are some checklists that help you keep the performance of your Honda Activa. 

6 Honda Activa Service Checklist To Maintain Your Scooter

#1 Maintain the Speed Below 60 KM

When discussing ways to maintain Honda Activa, it is recommended that the speed be kept under 60 KM. This allows the carburetor and engine to be tuned to their finest. The pro tip here is to keep the filters clean and spark plugs on a daily basis to ensure a smooth and efficient ride. Also, avoid unnecessary braking and follow the Honda Activa service schedule to prevent any unforeseen circumstances.

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#2 Check the Tyre Pressure

There are various to maintain your Honda Activa. Maintaining and checking the Honda Activa tyre pressure is one of them. To ensure the rider’s safety, having the correct tire pressure is essential. The manufacturers recommended a front wheel at 22 PSI and the back wheels at 29 PSI. If a person is regularly riding in the back seat, the rear wheels should be a little above 34 PSI. You can book a bike service in India at Doctor Garage. We offer the best services at reasonable prices—our Activa service charges are the lowest in the market. To know more about our bike services, contact us. 

#3 Maintain the Proper Bike Service Schedule

If you are wondering when to give scooty service after how many km, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s guide. The Honda Activa service schedule is often overlooked, but regular and timely service is crucial for the longevity and performance of your scooter. This includes changing the oil and flushing the engine, with the recommended Activa oil change km being around 1500 kilometers. By using high-quality engine oil and adhering to the service schedule, you can take a proactive role in keeping your Activa in optimal condition.

#4 Inspect Engine & Brake Oil

It is essential to check the functioning of the brake and inspect the engine and brake oil. Timely changing the engine and brake oil helps avoid hefty Activa service bill. It allows the smooth operation of your two-wheeler. Unlike cars, bikes are more prone to road vulnerabilities. So make sure to change your scooty engine oil on time. 

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#5 Maintaining the Battery

Almost everything, except the propulsion systems, depends on the battery, so you need to follow a proper battery maintenance schedule. Ensure your battery is charged and inspect for corrosion or leakage. This helps avoid technical failure and unforeseen situations. 

#6 Keep Your Honda Activa Clean

Like any other vehicle, your Honda Activa is exposed to dust, mud, and debris. These particles tend to accumulate in the nooks and crevices of your scooter, potentially affecting its performance. By following the Honda Activa service schedule and keeping your scooter clean, you can ensure it’s always in its best condition, both in terms of appearance and performance.


These are the 6 things you should check while riding a Honda Activa. We hope these tips help you keep your Activa in the best condition. Doctor Garage is one of the best bike service centres in India. With over 110+ bike service centres in India, we strive to offer impeccable services to our customers at affordable prices. We are also the best auto franchise. Our franchisee partners’ success speaks volumes of our high-returns franchise model. So, if you are looking to start your own multi-brand bike service in India, contact us today. 

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