How Does a Bike Engine Seized

The bike engine is one of your bike’s most crucial and complex elements. This is why it is essential to maintain the bike and inspect the engine. Everything works and runs due to the engine. However, negligence and wear can impact the functioning of the engine. An engine seizure is when it is stuck and refuses to work ot run. It is best to change the engine oil on time to ensure the best condition and smooth ride. In this blog, we explore what a bike seizure is, its reasons and symptoms, and what to do in case of a bike engine seizure.

What is a Bike Seized Engine?

Bike Engine Seized Meaning: Simply said, a bike engine is seized when it refuses to start or run. The engine gets jammed and refuses to move forward. The engine refuses to start, even if you try kickstarting it or even with the help of a starter plug. This situation is called a seized motorcycle engine

What Causes Bike Seizures?

There are many bike engine seized reasons. Some of the significant reasons for engine seizure are discussed below: 

  • Lack of Lubrication: One reason is that the engine seized due to no oil or lack of lubrication. This results in excess friction that can produce more heat. Considering the movement of the components, excessive heat can cause them to fuse together. This eventually can cause engine seizure. 
  • Damaged Internal Components: Sometimes, a seized motorcycle engine can be caused by damaged integral components like crankshafts, pistons, or connecting rods, which can restrict the other parts from moving. 
  • Lack of Coolant: A bike can get seized due to lack of coolant. Many bike riders do not check the coolant in the two-wheeler. A coolant helps to cool down the engine and solve the engine heating problem

Seized Engine Symptoms

If you are wondering how to tell if the engine will seize, there are some signs that you need to pay attention to. Some of the Signs of a Seized Engine are: 

  • Strong Metallic Smell: One of the major symptoms of a seized engine is a burning smell and overheating. As your bike has little to no lubrication, this results in overheating. Pay attention if there is a strong metallic smell; this means you need to book a bike repair in India at a trusted bike service centre like Doctor Garage. 
  • Knocking Sounds: Another warning of bike engine seizing is knocking sounds. If you hear light tapping and knocking sounds, there is a chance of the engine seizing. If you hear these types of sounds, it’s time to consider a bike engine seize repair to avoid unforeseen circumstances. 

How to Fix a Seized Bike Engine?

It is crucial to fix a seized bike engine within a short time, or else it can lead to bigger problems. A bike seized can be a serious issue and may need a major repair. This is when you need professional help to ensure your bike is in the best hands. Doctor Garage offers the best bike service in India. Our experienced mechanics are well-equipped with the latest tools and equipment to take the best care of your bike.

Here are Some Ways to Fix a Seized Bike Engine

  • Properly Lubricate the Pistons & Engine Combustion Chamber: You can do this by removing the spark plug and later using high-quality lubricants in the spark plug holes that lead to the top of the pistons. Repeat this for all the spark plug holes. Wait for some time and move the bike back and forth. This will help free the seized bike engine. 
  • Move the Flywheel Manually: Remove the bike’s cracked base cover on the side of the engine. Drain off the oil before removing the crack base. Now you’ll see a bolt. Use a socket and rotate the nut back and forth. This will allow you to loosen the pistons. 


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How to Avoid Seized Motorcycle Engine?

To avoid a seized motorcycle engine, you can follow the below tips. 

  • Thoroughly inspect the oil levels and make sure to use top-quality engine oil. 
  • Use good-quality coolant to prevent overheating of the engine
  • Make sure you are using the bike regularly, as a stationary bike is more prone to seizure.
  • Get your bike serviced by professionals. Contact Doctor Garage to know the cost of seized bike engine


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