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A delightful visit of our customers is at the heart of Doctor Garage’s business strategy and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, Doctor Garage has a dedicated business unit to meet our customer’s actual parts requirement.

Engine Oil:

Engine Oil

Doctor Garage’s Gold Lube is a top-class lubricant product, which helps reduce friction in engine parts and ensures to extend vehicle engine life. Gold lube is semi-synthetic engine oil with high viscosity, thermal stability and oxidation stability, even the pore point and flush point are measured at different temperatures, and all parameters are tested in the laboratory.

Gold Lube is available in grades 10w30 and 20w40, and soon available in another grade as well. The Gold Lube segment is suitable for both scooters and motorcycles. Without engine oil, the engine will be quickly damaged. Since, engine oils clean, cool and protect the engine from corrosion, they protect it from being jammed and damaged. The mechanical parts last longer and are less poor due to this and, in turn, the lifetime of the engines is longer and healthier.

The Gold Lube provides the engine parts with smooth and easy gear shifting, transfer energy to complete four stroke cycles and make riders ride hassle-free. Gold Lube is available at our all-franchise outlets to serve you better. Doctor Garage Gold Is one of the top-class products in Lube Lube Lubricants.

Air Filter:

Air Filters

Air filters are an important part of the automobile sector. The air filter prevents any worms, dust, particles, sand, or debris from reaching the engine and ensures a good mix of air and fuel to support performance.

Offer real spare parts as a top-notch brand doctor garage and an air filter is one of them. There are 3 different types of air filters. 

1. Paper Filters 

2. Viscose Filters 

3. Foam Filters 

Paper filters are the most common type in the automobile industry today. Because this air filter provides good performance and prices are affordable. 

The type of air filter for a vehicle is subjective and depends on many factors such as the make and model of the vehicle, the driving conditions and the manufacturer’s specifications.

Doctor Garage has all kinds of air filter range with quality assurance and brand identity. Doctor Garage is ready to meet our valuable customer requirement for real parts at affordable cost.

Clutch Plates:

Clutch Plates

The clutch’s primary function is to momentarily cut off the engine’s connection to the gearbox and drivetrain system that powers the rear wheel. Unless this happens, it is almost impossible to mate an idling engine with a transmission and carry the geared motorcycle forward.

The worn-out clutch means that the engine is not able to transmit its power properly to the gearbox. This will result in lower acceleration and speed for any increase in engine speed, resulting in lower mileage.

Therefore, clutch plate is the most imported part in vehicles. So, we are also aware of it and given the high demand of customers we have launched Doctor Garage Real Clutch Plate. Which are available for all models.

The quality and material used in clutch plates are better categories. and introduces after 1 year of research and development.

Clutch Plate Assembly:

Clutch Plate Assembly

Clutch plate assembly is a group of components that form the clutch system in a manual transmission vehicle. The following components are typically included:

1. Clutch Hub:

Clutch Hub

The clutch hub is positioned inside the drum and the transmission main shaft is often keyed by the splin, although thinner shafts are sometimes used, especially on older bikes.


Doctor garages are made of good quality of real clutch hub aluminum material, with precise specifications for many models with fine finishing.

2. Clutch CENTER:

The clutch center is the important part of the clutching system that holds the clutch plates, and pressure plates and organizes a complete clutch function in combination with the clutch hub and housing.

Our actual clutch center is also made of rigid and high quality aluminum material. Testing was done and we assured to increase the performance.


Clutch Pressure Plate

The pressure plate is the most important part for the entire clutch assembly. The pressure plate applies a clamping force (pressure) that holds the friction disk operating between it and the flywheel. The pressure plate is fixed on the flywheel with bolts and they rotate together.

Hard and hard materials used and designed for different models. Good clamping force and high performance assurance of doctor garage real pressure plate.


Doctor Garage has a whole range of control cables such as brake cable, choke cable and clutch cable, full details are given below:


A brake cable brings the bike’s brake handles, pedals and levers in harmony to form its own braking system. To stay on the road in full swing, your brake system must be equally efficient. Therefore, Doctor Garage provides customers with high quality brake cables, and our cables provide the rider with confidence, control and strength. 


The clutch cable of the bike is a steel braided cable wire that maintains the balance of the biker’s input with the interiors of the clutch. Want to protect yourself from high rev, poor mileage, unexplained shocks of clutch levers and the stress of gear shifts with shocks and sound? Don’t worry Doctor Garage’s collection of high-quality clutch cables for your bike at the best possible price.


The clutch cable of the bike is a steel braided cable wire that maintains the balance of the biker’s input with the interiors of the clutch. Want to protect yourself from the stress of gear shift with high rev, poor mileage, unexplained shocks of clutch levers, shocks and sound? Don’t worry Doctor Garage’s collection of high-quality clutch cables for your bike at the best possible price.


Speedometer cables sense the speed rate of a motorcycle through a cable housing that is routed to the speedometer gauge. The cable cable rotates within the housing and calculates the speed of a bike, displayed in gauges, either at mph or KPH.

Doctor Garage has a wide range of speedometer cables with OEM quality and specification.


Oil Filter

The main function of the oil filter is to remove dirt, particles and any other contamination that is present in the oil. An oil change is the main and most basic thing you can do to make sure the bike is working smoothly.

Doctor Garage advises our riders to replace the oil filter at every engine oil replacement. The quality of our oil filter is comparable with OEM products.


A disc brake pad is made of a block of braking material tied to a metal backing plate. The metal plate braking adds structural rigidity to the surface and keeps it in position within the brake caliper.

In comparison, disc brakes sit in the center of each wheel and stop the bike by squeezing the brake pad against the rotor mounted around the hub. They feature better stopping power, especially in loose conditions.

Doctor Garage Actual Disc Brake Pad is superior in use and ensure safety and long life performance with OEM quality.

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