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All motorcycle enthusiasts wish to keep their bikes sparkling clean, shining, and functioning like new ones. For your bike to work and function as well as a new bike, it is crucial to have regular and timely service and maintenance.

The service interval depends on how you ride the bike and how well-maintained it is. If you are a rough and careless rider, your bike will often require maintenance and service. But if you are a mindful and careful rider, your bike requires the service your professional bike mechanic recommends.

Every bike is different, and so is the service it needs. At Doctor Garage, bike repair service in Surat is recommended as per your bike model, and the maintenance is taken care of accordingly.

Few Signs Your Bike Needs Service:

It Has Been a While Engine Oil is Not Changed

For the best and top performance of a bike, it is essential to take care of the engine, which is the heart of the motorcycle. Engine oil is crucial for its protection and allows it to perform its maximum potential. Engine oil protects the engine from the effects of excessive heat that can cause seizure of the engine. The oil lubricates the engine and cools it down from the heat caused due to friction. The engine oil can get dirty over the due course and may be required to change, which is the time to get your Bike Repair in India, cause if not changed, it can lose its effectiveness which is dangerous for the health of the engine and performance of the motorcycle.

Worn-out Sprocket and chain

The Sprocket is a vital part of the gearbox, which helps transmit the rotation movement between the two shafts. The condition of the chain can be checked by pulling the chain away from the Sprocket on the rear wheel. The condition of the chain is determined to be worn out if half a tooth exists in the Sprocket. The new chain will wrap itself securely around the Sprocket and provide maximum protection.

Dirty Air filters

The air filter’s purpose is to filter the dirty and unnecessary air particles before it gets into the engine. In due course, the filters may be dirty and need bike service in Indore to balance the air-to-fuel ratio. This unclogged air filter leads to lower fuel economy.

Brake Fluids

For the safety of the rider and pedestrians, it is important to check the brake’s fluids. Brake oil is necessary for the smooth performance of the bike.

Once you observe these mentioned conditions, it is time to get your bike serviced. For this, contact your nearest Doctor Garage for the best services at affordable prices.

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