Type of Bike Engine in 2024

The engine is the most critical component of a bike. The type of engine in the motorcycle determines its performance, mileage, and longevity. If you have a sports bike or an adventure bike, it is crucial to know about the types of bike engines and the main differences between them. This is the ultimate guide to different types of motorcycle engines to help you determine whether the bike you are using is suitable for you and find the ideal engine for your next trip.

Different Types of Bike Engines

  • Single Cylinder Engine
  • Two Cylinder Engine
  • Triple Cylinder Engine
  • Four Cylinder Engine

Let's Explore the Motorcycle Engine Types in Detail

#1 Single cylinder engine

Single cylinder engine

This is the best bike engine for small two-wheelers with a small capacity. It is easier to repair and maintain in case of damage or other shortcomings. This is why you can see popular bikes like Hondo Splendor, Yamaha, Royal Enfield and Bajaj Platina. Single-cylinder engines are lightweight and compact, which makes them perform well at low RPM (revolutions per minute). 

Pros: The single cylinder engine bikes are compact, low-maintenance and exhibit high torque at low speeds. 

Cons: These engine types are unsuitable for bikes with larger displacement and difficult to balance.

#2 Two Cylinder Engine

Two Cylinder Engine

As the name suggests the two cylinder engine includes two cylinders. This type of two wheeler engine provides more power, high costs, and weight. The two cylinder engine is further categorized as: 

➡ Parallel Twin Engine: This type of engine has two cylinders with a common crankshaft. These types of engines are seen in bike models with medium to high displacement. Some of the parallel twin-engine bikes examples are Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Kawasaki Ninja 300. 

Pros: The parallel twin engine offers optimum performance, fluid operation and superior balance. 

Cons: These types of bikes produce more vibration than other engines. 

➡ V Shape Engine: The V-shaped engine is a type of two-cylinder with V-shaped crankshaft and two cylinders arranged in the shape of a V. Some of the V-shaped engine bikes are Harley Davidson and Ducati. 

 Pros: The V shape engine bike has excellent power and is lightweight. 

Cons: It produces higher vibration and can be difficult to balance. 

➡ L Twin Engine: A twin cylinder with a 90-degree angle between the cylinders is known as an L Twin Engine. These types of bike engines are similar to V Twin Cylinders in terms of weight and power. Ducati bikes are an example of an L Twin Engine bike.

Pros: The L shape engine bike has excellent power and is lightweight. 

Cons: It produces higher vibration and can be difficult to balance.

#3 Triple Cylinder Engine

The triple cylinder engine has three cylinders in line along the crankshaft. These types of engines are also known as in-line three engines. Compared to the V twin engine, the triple cylinder engine works smoothly and is much lighter. Also, they deliver torque and power just like the twin cylinder engines. Some examples of inline three-cylinder bikes in India are the Yamaha MT-09s and the Triumph range. 

Pros: These engines provide smooth operation, comfort and excellent performance. 

Cons: This engine’s vibration is more than inline four.

#4 Four Cylinder Engine

The four cylinder engine comes in two variants viz Inline-4 engine  and V-4: 

➡ Inline-4 Engine: These types of bike engines are equipped with four cylinders. All the cylinders are lined in a single row with no offset. Along with being compact, the four cylinders can be placed in any direction and have a smaller physical dimension. 

Pros: These types of engines offer good balance, low vibration and high power. 

Cons: It has wide and large dimensions 

➡ V-4 Engine: This is a four-cylinder engine in a V shape with a common crankshaft. A 90-degree V angle and optimum firing reduce vibration. 

Pros: These engines offer excellent performance, low vibration and balance. 

Cons: The design and construction is complex.


Every engine offers the needed power for an effortless and smooth ride. Choose the engine that suits your needs. Understanding the types of engines can help you make the right decision. Whatever type of engine you choose, it needs to be well taken care of. Doctor Garage offers the best bike service in India. We provide repair and maintenance services for multiple brands of bikes, including Honda, TVS, Bajaj, Royal Enfield, KTM, and other brands. Choose the experts for bike service; call us to schedule a pick-up and drop-off service today.

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