Motorcycle Helmet

The motorcycle helmet is a crucial protective gear that every bike owner must own and use. Helmet safeguards the riders from potential head injuries that can occur during unfortunate accidents. In the market, various types of bike helmets come in different styles, patterns, colors, specific features, and designs.

In this blog, Doctor Garage will explore the different types of motorcycle helmets to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride:

Best Motorcycle Helmet Types

Full Face Helmet

Full Face Helmet

The full-face helmets are the ultimate safety gear that any bike rider can opt for. They provide complete protection to the head, neck, face, and chin. These are some of the best helmets to own, as they provide the most effective protection against impacts, extreme weather conditions, and accidents.

Open Face Helmet

Open Face Helmet

The open-face helmet covers the head and side of the face, leaving the face unprotected. Adventurous and traveller communities love these helmets as they allow an unobstructed view. These are the Best Types of Helmets for Motorcycle riders who want full-face freedom but also want substantial safety. It is best to wear eye protection like sunglasses or goggles for added safety.

Modular Helmets (Flip-Flop Helmets)

Modular Helmet

This is the perfect blend of full-face and open-face helmets. These Types of Helmets have a hinged chin bar, which can be flipped, allowing the rider to convert the full-face helmet to an open one. This helmet is the perfect choice for riders who enjoy long road trips so that they can switch accordingly. As the hinge bar is lifted, may not offer the same safety, so the riders need to convert it to a full-face helmet in dangerous routes for best safety.

Motocross Helmets (Off-Road Helmets)

Motocross Helmets

The motocross or off-road helmets are specially designed for bike enthusiasts who enjoy off-road adventures. They are optimized to offer maximum protection to riders while off-roading. These helmets are lightweight and perfectly ventilated, making them ideal off-road partners.

Half Helmet

Half Helmet

These types of helmets cover only the top portion of the head, leaving the face and chin exposed. While these Motorcycle Helmet Types may be light and comfortable, they offer minimum protection with ears, chin, and face exposed. This type of helmet is only suitable for short-distance travel.

Half-Shell Helmet

The half-shell helmets offer the least protection among All Types of Motorcycle Helmets as they cover only the top part of the head. While this helmet may fulfil the legal requirements in some parts of the country, it is not an ideal choice when it comes to riders who want optimal safety.

Bluetooth Equipped Helmet

Bluetooth Equipped Helmet

The new-age Bluetooth-equipped helmets come with GPS and other modern facilities. These helmets are suited for the rider who is travelling with a group over a long distance. It allows riders to stay connected with other fellow riders, receive GPS directions, attend calls, and listen to music on the go.

Personalized Helmets

These helmets are customized as per the rider’s requirements. It has a personalized graphic, features, and colors to allow the rider to stand out on the road among other riders.


These are some of the Motorcycle Helmet Types that are available on the market. It is extremely crucial to choose the best helmet that not only suits your style but also offers you maximum safety while looking stylish too. So whether you opt for a modular or a full-face helmet, make sure it complies with the safety standards to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

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