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Important to Change Oil in the First Service

Engine oil is one of the vital components of bikes. It requires special attention and regular maintenance. It can help in many ways, including fuel efficiency, one of the main elements. Is there a need to change oil in your engine at the first service for motorcycles? It will depend on various factors.

Changing the oil during the first bike service is crucial for a brand-new engine. The oil that sits for a long time promotes corrosion and rust. The newer engine comes with a break-in time for the engine.

The engine does all the work and can grind away small pieces of steel as the engine starts. This tiny piece of metal could be removed while the engine grinds the cylinder to a better position. You must verify the oil of your engine when picking the bike service.

So, Do You Need to Change Oil on Your Engine During the Initial Service of Your Bike?

When do I need to change the oil in my engine? The first Bike Service in Ghaziabad should be performed between 500 and 700 kilometers or at the end of a month. It is crucial to keep the options of bike maintenance to ensure the best performance of your two-wheeler.

The engine oil needs to be changed with the water service for overall bike maintenance. However, changing the engine oil at the time of initial service is not required. However, you should know that your bike will not be under warranty if you don’t change oil after the bike general service. It’s essential to get in touch with experts to get the most efficient assistance.

Choose the Experts for Your First Bike Service.

Many things give you more excitement when you ride a motorcycle. It could be speeding along the roads and cruising through peak traffic times. However, taking the motorcycle isn’t just about comfort. It is essential to be aware of your other equipment that needs regular maintenance that is covered by the insurance.

When you go for the bike service in India, at Doctor Garage, you can avail yourself in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is schedule an appointment according to your preferred time and time.

Our expert technicians will arrive at your chosen location, pick up and leave the bike off at the location you want to drop off after the bike service is done. Ensure a safe ride with top-quality bike repair and service at Doctor Garage.

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