Top 10 Engine Oil Brands in India

The Engine plays an essential role in the performance and functionality of your two-wheeler. This is why choosing engine oil for your bike is a crucial decision. With several oil brands available in the market, deciding which oil to buy for your bike can be confusing. In this blog, we explore some of the best engine oil brands in India that are best suited for your two-wheeler. 

Different Types of top 10 engine oil in India

The engine is considered the heart of the vehicle. The main purpose of engine oil is to offer adequate lubrication so the fraction and wear are kept at bay. Its primary role is to reduce heat produced by the engine and enhance fuel efficiency. This is why quality engine oil is important for the two-wheeler. There are three types of engine oils viz synthetic engine oil, semi-synthetic engine oil and mineral engine oil. 

Understanding Bike Mileage

  • Synthetic Engine Oil: This offers excellent lubrication. Doctor Garage offers the best bike repair service in India. We recommend this engine oil for bikes that are prone to extreme weather. 
  • Mineral Engine Oil: This oil comprises crude oil and other ingredients. It is one of the best budget-friendly engine oils that can withstand daily wear and tear. 
  • Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil: This blend of mineral and synthetic oil boosts engine performance. 

Why is it Important to Use Good Quality of Engine Oil?

It is crucial to use high-quality engine oil to ensure your two-wheeler works optimally and has a long lifespan. Engine oil is important to offer better protection and efficiency to the wheeler. However, it is important to know that engine oil is vulnerable to weather conditions and prone to wear and tear. So, it’s vital to use the best engine oil for the bike to maintain the temperature, keep the engine cool, and increase bike mileage. 

Top 10 Engine Oil Brands for Bikes in IndiA

#1 Castrol

Castrol is one of the prominent and trusted top engine oil brands in India. It offers outstanding lubrication for two-wheelers, reducing wear and friction while improving the bike’s performance. Bike repair experts consider Castrol to be one of the best engine oils for motorcycles. Castrol offers a comprehensive range of engine oils based on different formulas, viscosity and properties. 

#2 Gulf oil


Gulf Oil is specially developed with the latest technology to ensure smooth performance & best engine oil brand in India. It provides adequate lubrication to keep crucial bike components clean and protected against wear and tear. Gulf Oil’s Pride Scooter Plus is the right engine oil for two-wheelers with 4-stroke engines. It helps to reduce engine friction and improve fuel economy. 

#3 Mobil 1


This is another brand that offers the best engine oil for bikes and cars. The brand provides fully synthetic oil for better protection and durability. The Mobil 1 engine oils are formulated for high-perfomance and meet the needs of the bike engines. The engine oil brand provides engine oil for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. 

#4 Veedol


Veedol is another engine oil brand offering a wide range of engine oils for different bike brands. Their range of engine oils is backed by the latest additive technology to ensure bike riders have a smooth ride even in challenging road conditions. Veedol offers engine oils for two-wheelers with 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, and 350cc engines. The Veedol Take-Off Pro 10 W-30 is ideal for 4-stroke bikes. 

#5 servo


Servo is one of the top-rated engine oils in India. This brand of engine is for all types of two-wheelers. Servo offers a wide range of engine oils, including top-selling oils like Servo Supreme, Servo Zoom, Servo 4T/2T, Servo Gear, and Servo Brake. Servo 4T is best suited for 4-stroke wheelers, and Servo 2T is ideal for 2-strokes. 

#6 Shell


Shell is a popular engine oil formulated to perform better at higher temperatures. When it comes to bike repair service in India, many mechanics prefer the Shell Advance AX10W-40 for enhanced protection, fuel economy, and superior engine cleanliness. Shell’s wide range of engine oils is developed for 4-stroke bikes, 2-stroke bikes, and 4-stroke scooters. This brand provides the best lubricants for bikes and cars. 

#7 motul


Motul offers a wide range of products, such as engine oils, brake fluids, brake cleaners, Fork lubricants, and additives. The Motul 300 V is one of the best engine oil ranges, specially formulated for 4-stroke and 2-stroke bikes. It provides oil circulation, wear resistance at high temperatures, and minimises engine heat and friction. 

#8 GS Caltex

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GS Caltex offers high-quality bike engine oil. The range includes Kixx Ultra 4T Sythentic, Kixx Ultra 4 Power, Kixx Ultra 4T Gold, Kixx Ultra 4T XP, Kixx Ultra 4T, and Scooter. These engine oils are optimized for optimal performance, durability, and fuel economy. 

#9 valvoline

Valvoline is one of the best brands that offers high-quality engine oil. It is an American brand that has gained immense popularity in India. This engine oil lubricates and protects the engine. Some Valvoline engine oil ranges include 10W-30, 10W-40, 5W-30, 20W-50, and others. Valvoline engine oil for bikes is one of the best for different models of two-wheelers. 

#10 honda


Honda provides some of the best synthetic oil for its four-stroke engines. The range of Honda engine oil includes Pro Honda 5W30 MB, Pro Honda 5W30 MA, Pro Honda 10W30 MA, Pro Honda 10W30 MA, Pro Honda Fully synthetic oil, and much more. This engine oil offers better anti-rust properties, high fuel efficiency, longer engine life, low viscosity to reduce friction, and low emissions. 


This is a well-researched list of the best engine oil for two-wheelers in India. It is crucial to understand your riding style and the maintenance you follow to choose the best engine oil for your bike. Following a timely bike maintenance service is essential to ensure a smooth ride on Indian roads. You should choose the two wheeler repair services in India from a trusted and reliable bike service centre, so your bike is taken the best care of. Doctor Garage, a name you can trust, is one of the best bike service centres in India. We offer a comprehensive range of services like doorstep and pick-up services, general service, roadside assistance, and many more. To book a bike service, call us today. 

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